Why I can't receive my order confirmation email?

If your registered email address is a Hotmail account, the order confirmation email may fall into your Spams / Junk folder. If you still cannot find your order confirmation email, please email us and we will investigate further.

How long does take to ship?

Shipping time depends on the product you purchase and the destination location as a different product has different production time. If you would like to know the estimated delivery time and shipping fee, please select the destination location on the checkout page to get an idea of the approximate timeframe.

Will COVID-19 affect my order?

In view of the recent situation of COVID-19, logistics transportation and global delivery services are now subject to temporary delays. Shipping time is likely to be lengthened as a special arrangement of some courier service companies and air traffic delays are to be expected. Thanks for your patience while we work hard to get your order to you!

I’ve ordered a few items but I can’t find all of them. Where are the missing product?

Please be sure to open up all the boxes first. We normally packed 2 product in 1 box unless otherwise requested. If you have checked and the product is still not there, please contact us.